Steel T10 Katana Set

Content: Katana + Wakizashi + Tanto
Sharpening: Sharpened
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Discover the ultimate refinement of ancient Japanese tradition with our hand-forged rosewood katana set. Each set includes a katana, a wakizashi and a tanto, allowing you to choose the sword that suits you best. The blades are crafted from high-quality T10 steel using traditional methods. The unique patterns resulting from the tempering process add an artistic touch to each piece, offering a stunning design.

Carefully crafted rosewood handles provide a comfortable, balanced grip, enabling precise, fluid handling. The rosewood sheaths complete the ensemble, underlining the timeless elegance of these creations.


  • Blade material: high quality T10 steel
  • Sheath: solid wood, lacquered
  • Handle: solid wood
  • Dimensions

  • Length Katana: 39.37 in / 100 cm
  • Length wakizashi: 28.74 in / 73 cm
  • Tanto length: 20.87 in / 53 cm
  • A set of purchased katana =

    Katana set box

    + 1 silk storage case
    + 1 stand compatible with the number of katana

    Hand-forged katana

    Discover the authenticity of our katanas, hand-forged according to ancestral Japanese customs. Each blade is meticulously crafted by our expert craftsmen in Asia, ensuring the unrivalled quality of our katanas.

    Katana sword Japanese craftsmen
    Katana customizable blade

    Customizable blade

    Give your katana a personal touch with our customization service! Our expert craftsmen can engrave a text of your choice on the blade, ensuring precise, long-lasting personalization.

    For production and delivery, our team needs between 7 and 18 working days*.

    Our katanas are handmade and forged in the Japanese tradition. They are then stored in our Chinese warehouses.

    All of our Katana swords have a full tang construction. We meticulously handcraft these blades, ensuring that the blade extends seamlessly into the handle. This not only enhances their durability and resilience for training purposes but also pays homage to the traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

    On request, we can provide you with a certificate of authenticity for our katanas. This certificate will include a detailed description of the katana's configuration and the producer's signature.

    We carry out careful and fast shipping of our katanas with UPS delivery service.

    This situation is very rare, but it can still happen. As described on the "Warning" page at the bottom of our website, the buyer, not the seller, must bear the cost of customs clearance.

    Katanas fall under the category of knives and are regulated as such by state laws, making their ownership perfectly legal. In the United States, individuals must be either 18 years old or have explicit parental consent to possess a Katana.

    The ability to carry a Katana outdoors varies by state, and we advise you to personally verify the laws in your specific state. As a general rule, openly carrying the sword in public is prohibited, and it should be securely stored in a designated bag or case.

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